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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Paradigm Shift

In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolution, popularizing the concept of "paradigm shift" (p.10). Kuhn argues scientific advancement is not evolutionary, rather it is a "series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions", and in those revolutions "one conceptual world view is replaced by another". 

The past couple of posts have included a bit of hurt and pain. It is understandable in the face of disclosures.  The truth is, I don't want to fight over things. There is only one thing worth fighting for -- and that is something I wouldn't have to fight for.

My faith in my Father in Heaven and my testimony in his restored gospel. 

As I walk around my home looking at the pieces of me, I have to ask myself, can I live without that? I have a piano that is barely movable without the assistance of one strong dude. Can I live without that?  It is part of my inheritance. I was gifted my grandmother's baby grand piano in 1997. I hauled in from my home in Utah to Virginia. I paid to have it professionally packaged and secured. When I got to Norfolk, it was obvious it was going to have to stay in storage for a while longer. I couldn't bear it under the humid circumstances that it was stored it. I called an antique piano refinisher and struck a deal.  I traded my antique baby grand in for a brand new upright. It wasn't the best deal, but it was better than what I was currently dealing with.  That piano has been 4 different homes since that deal was finalized. 

There are other pieces of furniture from various family members, a brand new dining room table. There are books and knicknacks that make up a life I've lived now many years. There are several sets of china that came from Japan when my father was stationed there that I also inherited. 

As I look around though, I can't see a single thing that is worth fighting over to the point of losing myself in the process.  I can't see where I would gain destroying the man I have spent more of my life with than my childhood family.

Where does this leave me?

I don't know. The limbo between filing for divorce is difficult. 
I want to leave next week, but I know I can't.
I want to never see H's face again, but I know I will. 


I wish it was as easy as a click on my keyboard 



making a directional turn down a different road.

The truth is...

It's more like this.....

And a huge change it attitude

which is easily upset by one little text from H
....or H bringing D home later than expected
....or a bad night's sleep complete with horrible dream of what my future could look like
....or a comment from someone that wasn't mean to throw me smack dab back in trauma
....or breathing in and out just trying to get through the next moment

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Let the Battle Begin!

For years many of the decisions I considered were to prevent this day from happening. Battling over property and children felt wrong at my core level. Those gut instincts influenced 27 years of decision making.

I stayed married even knowing H had been involved in a relationship with a woman from his previous job -- for years -- so that my little S would not be without his mother.

I stayed married knowing of the horrendous, despicable, even disgusting behaviors H had engaged in so that little D would not lose her home and friends that she needed so badly for her happiness.

I stayed married in spite of the most horrific betrayal -- because leaving is so freaking hard!

I know it would be a lot easier to keep doing what I have been doing the past 27 years. I mean seriously, I've been doing it this long -- what's the problem?

... the Family Home - Divorce Money Matters | Divorce Money Matters

When you are a betrayed wife in trauma cooking his meals and doing his laundry becomes hateful tasks.  Even though you are a stay-at-home wife and he provides for the family. The thought of being wife-y is nauseating.

Don't judge me for being a litle hateful after all these years of lying, cheating, hooking-up, whoring respect H gave to me...... I'm trying to purge pain.

I got a text for H on Tuesday with his laundry list for the week was a bit hard to swallow on the heals of his disclosure Sunday night.

I wanted to throw up
      on him and his laundry list

He wants copies of 6 months of paid bills when we sit down to talk about the finances.

<b>Stupid</b> <b>Questions</b> To <b>Ask</b> In An Interview

I'm mad.
Mad at being lied to these past months.
I'm mad that we've basically be fooling our ward family.
I'm mad that my life is going to drastically be different now in my church family.  I don't want to be the 'divorced sister' in the ward.
I'm mad that he can't stay clean and sober.
I'm mad that he cannot be honest and get the help he needs.
I'm mad that he tried to blame our problems on me.
I'm mad that our children will now be from a divorced home.  
I'm mad that my needs for friendship, love, intimacy, connection are ignored and discounted in addiction and now need shelved as I go through the next years without a husband.
I'm mad that I will be losing yet another home (This makes my third one because of his addiction.)

So much loss. 


Monday, February 1, 2016

It Is Finished!

Wouldn't it be the best liar cure e.v.e.r. ?

Sunday afternoon after church we had a little issue with H and D.  I don't know why I try to reason with H when these things happen. It is always pointless.

This time, it took an interesting twist...

...a disclosure

When I liar owns a lie -- are they ever really telling the whole truth?
Is unlying really truth telling.
If an addict admits (because I don't really believe H is owning) a relapse, is he telling the truth?

I don't know about other addicts, but with H admission always includes, "if you had not....__(fill in any blame shift of choice here)_____".  

Is it really the truth if there is blameshifting or gas lighting?

In the Healing Through Christ manual family members are taught during their step 9 work to not excuse an apology. I think that instruction applies to owning a slip or relapse. Right? Wrong? 

If you have a broken addict brain -- you might rationalize and justify your admission.
Or at least H does.

I wouldn't hear it. 
Stop! Just stop!
You lied!
You tried to make me out to be the problem.
This is your mess. Your problem.

As I sat at the island Sunday evening listening to H explain his behavior I felt myself physically exhale.  I've been holding my breath 19 months on this issue. I've seen the signs; anger, denial, meanness. I've asked, only to hear blantant lies in response.  I've caught him. Denied it to myself, pretending to live like everything is just fine.

Only it hasn't been.

I know he's acting out. 
I don't know how much or how bad.
I just know.

Sometimes I wish my gut wasn't so loud -- or so right.

"So who is it'?  I asked.
"Is it more than one? Do you have several tapes you play?"

I grilled him like this for a bit.
I was hurt.
Of course, I wanted to know.

And then relief flooded over me.
It isn't me.
I'm not the crazy one.
I knew.
It was exactly what I saw when I walked into your room.

I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't eat.
I tossed and turned..

I hate betrayal trauma.

This morning...
I called my sponsor - check
I called my therapist - check
I called a lawyer - check!

I had a good talk with my therapist. She helped me to see and feel the peace of my decision. 
Was I anxious? No, there will be unknowns, but the decision feels right.
Was there conflict in my head/heart? No. I wasn't torn.

She promised me she'd help me with the co-dependent-getting-sucked-back-in that always happens when H is really sorry. (Not trying to be nasty here. He feels bad, I know that. Just not bad enought to get help, or be honest with me).

I know I didn't get the truth last night.
I don't expect it.
Addicts lie -- and minimize.

Today it doesn't matter.
The decision is past.

It is finished!